Dance, Dance, Absolution (2022)
            audiovisual installation / re-imagining of a Dance, Dance, Revolution arcade machine
            February 2023, The New Current, Brutus, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
            December 2022, Club No Man’s Land, Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands
            September 2022, Gaudeamus Festival, Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands / Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, IJzerblok, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
            refract me, deflect you (2021)
            audiovisual installation / second iteration of the previous installation by the same name
            September 2021, Gaudeamus Festival, Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

            refract me, deflect you (2020)
            digital installation / nine channel audiovisual installation combining cgi, spoken word and generative music
            September 2020, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria / Gaudeamus Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands

            untitled in chrome 01 (2019)
            audiovisual work / short film playing with the idea of audiovisual abstract expressionism
            June 2022, Zenevloed x Vaagner, OCCI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
            February 2020, SWITCH / IFFR, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

            an impression of what it is like to float through clouds of broken glass - the splinters never piercing your skin (2019)
            audiovisual installation using 5 speakers and 5 cameras
            November 2019, SOLU Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

            music for darkrooms (2019)
            sound-installation / eight hours of ambient music for Radiant Love’s darkroom
            April 2019, Radiant Love, Berlin, Germany

Released Music:
            he could not dance to anything / 10,000 gushes (2022)
            album / stereo versions of collision - for andriana and by a thousand cuts. including remixes by Exploited Body, Casimir, and Áslaug Magnúsdóttir. mastered by Lawrence English
            September 2022, self-released

            collision - for andriana (2021)
            chamber music / piece for violin, piano and electronics.
            September 2021, cassette released via Vaagner, Berlin

            Phase In (Remixes) (2021)
            remix of winterdagen’s piece “Twee”
            September 2021, digital release by Winterdagen

            fall/winter 19’20 (2020)
            album / compilation of fragments taken from previously made work. mastered by Lawrence English
            February 2020, cassette released via Vaagner, Berlin

Concerts / Performances:
            10,000 gushes (2022)
            electronic music / multi-channel composition following ambisonic and spectro-morphological principles
            September 2023, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

            electronic free improvisation (2023)
            live electronic music performance
            May 2023, MidField, Montreal, Canada   

            by a thousand cuts (2019)
            electronic music / eight channel composition following ambisonic and spectro-morphological principles
            February 2020, Finlandia Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

            i love you baby, but face it she’s madonna (2019)
            chamber music / spatial composition for twentyeight celli, eight trombones and pre-recorded audio
            April 2019, Codarts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Music for Dance / Theatre:
            Gravity / I’m Floating (2023)
            music for dance and acousmonium / in collaboration with Butoh dancer Miyuki Lima
            November 2023, En Chair et en Son, Paris, France

            and even the sun was violent for her (2019)
            music for dance / music for a piece for three dancers choreographed by Charles Antoni
            June 2019, Codarts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

            20 minutes of silence (or the esoteric abortion of the aesthetic person) (2018)
            music for dance / collaboration with ten dancers and three artists
            September 2018, Codarts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Teaching / Lecturing:
            Lecture on Dance, Dance, Absolution as a test-case on how to conceptualize, produce, and fund large scale works
            June 2023, Codarts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

            Lecture on spatial audio and ambisonics
            June 2021, Codarts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
            Private teaching and coaching
            September 2021/present, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

            Against boredom: Delirious is Beautiful
            contribution for a wearable publication edited by XEROXED
            June 2023, Primo Moroni Archive, Milan, Italy / Museum Arnhem, Arnhem, The Netherlands

            Worlds between Words; an exhibition curated by Ratri Notosudirdjo
            spatial speaker design for an artwork by Ada Maricia Patterson
            November 2021, Worlds between Words, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, The Netherlands