Dance, Dance, Absolution (2022)
audiovisual installation / re-imagining of a Dance, Dance, Revolution arcade machine. Exhibited at Gaudeamus Festival & Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend

             he could not dance to anything / 10,000 gushes (2022)
album / stereo versions of collision - for andriana and by a thousand cuts. Including remixes by Exploited Body, Casimir, and Áslaug Magnúsdóttir

             refract me, deflect you (2021)
audiovisual installation / second iteration of the previous installation by the same name. Exhibited at Gaudeamus Festival

              collision - for andriana (2021)
chamber music / piece for violin, piano and electronics. Cassette released via Vaagner

               Twee - (Ruben Kotkamp Remix) (2021)
remix of winterdagen’s piece “Twee”

               by a thousand cuts (2020)
music / acousmatic multi-channel piece. Premiered at the Finnish institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

                fall/winter 19’20 (Extended Edition) (2020)
music / fall/winter 19’20 casette re-release on Vaagner/Vaknar. Includes a rework by Mathieu Serruys

                refract me, deflect you (2020)
audiovisual work / virtual installation using CGI and spoken word. Exhibited at Ars Electronica and Gaudeamus Festival

                fall/winter 19’20 (2020)
music / compilation of fragments taken from previously made work

                an impression of what it is like to float through clouds of broken glass - the splinters never piercing your skin (2019)
sound installation / audiovisual installation with 5 speakers and 5 cameras. Exhibited at SOLU in Helsinki, Finland

                music for darkrooms (2019)
sound installation / 12 hours of ambient music for berlin based clubnight Radiant Love

                and even the sun was violent for her (2019)
music for dance / music for a piece for three dancers choreographed by Charles Antoni

                αφήγηση / ett litet våld / l'ensorcellement (2019)
audiovisual work / triptych of videos with music and spoken word in Greek , Swedish and French

                i love you baby, but face it she’s madonna (2019)
music / spatial composition for 28 Celli, 8 Trombones and pre-recorded audio

                drowning in a sea of love (2019)
audiovisual work / short film made out of material ripped from youtube

                untitled in chrome 01 (2019)
audiovisual work / short film playing with the idea of audiovisual abstract expressionism. Premiered during SWITCH, IFFR 2020

                20 minutes of silence (or the esoteric abortion of the aesthetic person) (2018)
music for dance theatre