Ruben Kotkamp is a Dutch artist and composer currently based in Rotterdam. He has made several films, written concert music and collaborated with choreographers. His main focus lies on audiovisual pieces and installation work. Searching for the grey area where sound art, installation art, visual art and music collide.

Ruben’s work is always inherently experiential, concerned more with evoking a physical or emotional response rather than an intellectual one. Currently he is most interested in physicality and objectivity in a sonic context. By employing techniques from psychoacoustics, synesthetic art and non-linear composition he is searching for tangibility in a field that is naturally ethereal.

His work has been shown and exhibited at Ars Electronica (Lunz, Austria), Gaudeamus Festival (Utrecht, The Netherlands), Finnish Institute (Stockholm, Sweden), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), SOLU Gallery (Helsinki, Finland) and Maas Theatre (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).